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Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp 3D2N

Experience Overview

Our 3 Day 2 Night Kinabatangan Rainforest Adventure is our most popular program, as it provides one full day with zero travel. This enables visitors to adapt to life at the Eco Camp and recalibrate your senses to life in the rainforest.

Our program includes a minimum of 3 Wildlife Observation River Cruises on the Kinabatangan River at optimal times to view the amazing wildlife of Borneo. The program also includes the opportunity for two separate night jungle walks to observe nocturnal wildlife in the rainforest. Early morning bird watching or lazing in a hammock around your camp platform are also trending activities. Longer treks into the rainforest, or around the Tungog Lake are included as standard activities within the program. Yes, its pretty full-on!

Do please note, that we’ve created this rather busy program to get the most out of your time in the rainforest. Even so, we understand that not everyone wishes to be up early to see specific birds or wildlife species. We appreciate that many travellers are on holiday, tired from travel, and maybe just wish to kick-back at the Eco Camp, read a book, and soak up the jungle sounds. So please do feel free to tweak or change the programs to your needs or special interests.

On the other hand, for keen photographers or birders we can also add additional jungle time and opportunities to sneak in more amazing sightings in the time you have with us.

Longer stays are also available! Do contact us for more information, if you wish to stay longer with us at the Tungog Lake Eco Camp.

Your Stay Itinerary

Day 1: Orientation at Eco Camp & Intro to Rainforest

Remember to arrange your check-in time at the KOPEL community co-op office under the Kinabatangan River Bridge. Here you will be briefed in detail about the program and what to bring, as well as what to do or not to do in the rainforest. Any detailed arrangement or dietary requirements should be made here before departing to our Rainforest Eco Camp. After lunch you will be transferred by boat to the Tungog Lake and hike a short 10 minutes to reach the Eco Camp. Remember to pick-up rubber jungle boots, torchlights, batteries, or other supplies in the village before entering the jungle. Check-in and orientation around camp is normally at a very relaxed time. Tea, coffee and water refill station is on-hand 24-7. Feel free to tie-up your hammock or read a book and relax. Our sunset wildlife observation cruises run from 4:30pm till dark at 6:00pm and you will be joined by other visitors at this time to minimise our boat fuel footprint.

12:00 PM: Registration and Introduction - Lunch upon arrival

2:00 PM: Boat Transfer to Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp (TREC)

3:00 PM: Check in / Camp tour / Optional Jungle Trekking OR Free & Easy Time

5:00 PM: Sunset Wildlife River Cruise

6:30 PM: Return to TREC

7:00 PM: Dinner at TREC

8:00 PM: Night Jungle Walk

Overnight at TREC

Day 2: Kinabatangan Jungle Experience

The day starts early in the jungle, the hum and bustle of life in the canopy can start as early as 5:30am, this means for avid birdwatchers that is the time to be out and about. If this is not your thing just let us know and your day can start with a leisurely breakfast at Eco-Camp central. From 9am we offer jungle trekking; the distance and direction will depend on daily jungle sightings or your botanical or biology interests. The afternoon shift is open and free time for relaxing or more jungle time. Before our evening Sunset Wildlife Observation Cruise, we encourage all guests to help us with our forest habitat restoration programs via planting trees. The days ends with a Sunset River Cruise on the Kinabatangan to observe the endemic proboscis monkeys, leaf monkeys and many of the rainforest hornbill species.

6:00 AM: Early Morning Bird Watching

7:30 AM: Breakfast at TREC

9:00 AM: Jungle Trekking (Tungog Lake Trail) 

11:00 AM: Return to TREC - Free & Easy

12:00 PM: Lunch at TREC

1:00 PM: OPTIONAL - Relax in Jungle - Free and Easy OR Jungle Walk

4:00 PM: OPTIONAL - Forest Conservation Program - Tree Planting

5:00 PM: Sunset Wildlife River Cruise

6:30 PM: Dinner at TREC

7:30 PM: Night Jungle Walk

Overnight at TREC

Day 3: Departure Day

Given most visitors wish to hit the road early to their next destination, Day #3 with us usually starts very early. We built-in one additional Sunrise Wildlife Observation Cruise to make the early start and checkout process more enjoyable and productive. The early morning cruise offers different wildlife sightings potentials, such as rainforest hornbills and crocodiles. IF you don’t need to get away so early, then take your time, do another forest walk or just relax and checkout after lunch. This part is up to you and your schedule. Onward trips to the islands or flights from Sandakan or Lahad Datu may demand an early start, but if you are only making your way to Sandakan (2hrs) then take it easy and checkout later in the day. Remember to pick-up your laundry or any items left at the KOPEL co-op office before you go. All visits who stay with us contribute in a huge way to funding our forest conservation and ecosystem restoration programs, so we wish all travellers a safe journey and much appreciation for their stay with us.

6:00 AM: Sunrise Wildlife River Cruise

7:30 AM: Breakfast at TREC

8:30 AM: Jungle Trekking OR Free & Easy Time

11:00 AM: Check-out & Boat Transfer to KOPEL Reception Centre (KRC)

Depart to Next Destination

Arrange A Stay
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